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Myriam Hirsch, DC

Myriam Hirsch, DC

Chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

“My career goal is helping people like you get out of pain and stay out of pain.”

My goal for each patient is to return them to work and play as quickly as possible by using proven techniques to relieve pain. To accomplish this goal, I stay abreast of the latest chiropractic techniques to ensure that you are receiving the best possible care.

Regardless of the source of your pain, the chances are good that during the 23 years I have been a member of the Charlotte community, I have helped someone with a similar challenge. This is the knowledge I bring to your treatment visits so that together we can not only relieve you of your pain but help ensure that it doesn’t return.

Easing your pain is only the beginning. I also want to educate you on ways you can prevent a reoccurrence and prevent pain in other parts of your body. To accomplish this, I will provide information on overall wellness improvement in a compassionate and understanding way.